I want some stuff!

We've all had that experience of wearing that t-shirt with a band's name on it that looks really cool and having some foxy fellow or lady say "damn, that's an awesome shirt... Who are Death Monkey and the Astronauts anyway?"

And you get to act all cool like you were in on the scene before anybody found out about it... Before it got all big and out of control.

Thanks to Six Characters, that feeling of ultimate hip is just a few clicks away. Plus everything you buy goes toward supporting our upcoming new live show in the Spring of 2005

Click the link below to visit our store then once you're done blowing your life savings on mugs and mousepads, come on back here and play some space invaders... Cause you're just that cool.

Click here to visit the Six Characters store!

I want a DVD!

Lots of people ask us if they can buy a DVD of our work. Well, sort of. You see, technically we are not selling any copies of our DVD. However, we are GIVING our DVD away as a perk of donation. Click here for more information on how you can support Six Characters and get a DVD in the process.


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