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Deciding the title for a masterpiece is never an easy task. When you've got something on your hands that is going to shake the very foundations of comedy, nay, art itself, you want to send it into the world with a name that does it justice. In chosing Six Characters: Best Show Ever! as our newest title, we are continuing our tradition of humility and refined understatement. But that wasn't the only title we were considering. Here are some of the titles we rejected for the new live show.

Six Characters in Mass Hysteria
Six Characters: Y Mucho Mas!
Are you there God? It's me, Six Characters
and last, but not least, Six Characters
Six Characters: Tastes Like America!
Six Characters on Layaway
Six Characters Cometh Back
Six Characters in "The Show"
The Death Of Six Characters
Six Characters in Weak Thumbs Up
Six Characters: Jungle Of Fear!
Six Characters in Titty-Titty Ha-Ha
Six Characters' Slippery When Wet
Six Characters' Movieola Stereo-tastic
Six Characters' Naughty Bits!
Six Characters: Don't Call It A Comeback
Six Characters: Pie, The Beloved Country
Six Characters a la mode
The End Is Pie (Farewell Tour)
From Here To Six Characters
Sex Pies and Videotape
'Scuse me while I kiss this Pie
The Color of Funny
Six Characters in Floyd
Take the Funny and Run
Milkin' Funny
Six Characters: The Grapes of Laugh
Six Characters Flip the Bird
Six Characters' One Gun Salute
Six Characters: Fumbled Tang
Six Characters: Pump Up The Ham!
Six Characters T'aint Misbehavin'
Six Characters: The Pie-cycle Thief

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