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Video vignettes play a significant role in every Six Characters show: they introduce live pieces, link them together in novel ways, and even stand on their own as quick slaps of cinematic brilliance. So when audiences asked, nay, demanded, videos that were bigger & longer, we bowed to their collective whim.

In the summer of 2003, the Six Characters fulfilled their celluloid destiny by writing and producing a 30-minute video opus of all-new material, entitled, Six Characters-Too Cancelled for TV. It contained all the elements of a Six Characters live show: snappy music, clever sight gags, and quirky characters caught up in incredible circumstances, all delivered with an irreverent poke in the morals.

Using the skills they had garnered from their many years onstage, the Six made another leap forward in their artistic quest for comedy sunshine. So get yourself a DVD and bow down to comedy masters! The following is a short description of what you can expect on the DVD.

The Sketches

Candair: A chance to meet all the characters through a colorful parody of those ubiquitous pharmaceutical commercials that try to sell herpes cures, deep breaths, and happy erections - complete with all the not so subtle side effects (click to watch).

Masterdate: A hilarious lampoon of all the reality dating shows. The 6 ask the question, "What would happen if one unsuspecting bachelor named Larry had to go on a date with not one, but 6 bizarre characters?"

Muffman & Kooch: The story of a oppressed office staff ruled by an evil Senior Partner, a bloodthirsty Chihuahua with laser eyes. Taking cues from The Hudsucker Proxy and Joe VS the Volcano, the office workers daydream themselves out of their dreary existence with hilarious consequences.

Best of the Worst Case Scenarios: A live handbook for surviving life's everyday emergencies, including: how to defend oneself against a cheese sandwich, and how to avoid spontaneous combustion.

Masterdate: Currily We Roll Along: The 6 try their best to impress Larry, but succeed only in embarrassing themselves, and murdering romance itself.

La Triste Fumeaux: The Six Characters' love letter to the French New Wave movement (click to watch).

The Miracle of Life: A pregnant woman in labor needs to get to the hospital. And on the way, she manages to take care of a few pesky errands (click to watch).

Six Character's Hawaiian Adventure... In Space: A low-budget vacation epic in which the Six aim for Hawaii but land somewhere between Coney Island and This Island Earth.


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