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Originally developed as a way to experiment with storytelling, using music and movement as text, Six Characters In Search Of a Working Title was our artistic guinea pig. Two and a half years and a billion drafts later, the Six Characters had defined a unique new form of sketch comedy: a seamless blend of film and stage vignettes performed to fabulous music without any talking. Without any talking, you say? How do they do it? Props, props and more props. And, with their uncanny ability to fall down, mug to the audience and try to entertain the pants off of you with all the energy they can muster.

The Sketches

Opening Video: Caught in their mid-morning routine, the Six are sucked through a space-time vortex and transported to Six Charactersland. (It's like New York, only 6 inches to left)

Brazil: The characters build a pie using an old vaudevillian recipe: 2 cups of flour, 4 rubber chickens. Fold in ridiculous dance moves. And bake.

The Pie Party: A video that poses the question, "What if Seth threw a party and everyone (including Jesus) came... with pies?"

The Middle Ages, or Medieval on Your Arse: The complete history of the Middle Ages in 4 minutes, set to "The Hungarian Rhapsody" and pitting a heliocentric universe versus a geocentric one. When will Galileo ever learn?

Istanbul: A slapstick farce starring three couples falling treacherously in love in Istanbul (not Constantinople).

Power Lunch: Two construction workers are unwittingly trapped in a chaotic lunchtime burlesque. Sequined showgirls commandeer the stage in a tantalizing homage to Busby Berkley.

Bunny and Showgirl: A video piece in which an impish baby leads his parents on a high speed chase through Central Park in a Radio Flyer.

SuperConductors: A messy peek at the underbelly of the traditional nuclear family puppeteered by a couple of unforgiving conductors.

Poignant Moment: A poignant montage of the poignant lives of the Six Characters and their poignant extended family.

Laws of Gravity: The Six Characters cluck out Pachelbel's Canon in D, "in mean harmony," (nytheatre.com) Simultaneous video projection demonstrates some of Newton's more elegant laws.

Groove Suit: The Six illustrate the mysteries of creation using a black light and a wardrobe of white costume pieces.

Finale: Hysterical with glee, the audience can't wait to get their hands on some pie. As the Six stand helplessly on stage, the audience launches an attack of vaudevillian proportions. Ah, the smell of cream pies in the morning...


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