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The Six Characters Cometh: The Trailer
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A little more about the video:

With a pace designed to induce seizures, this atomic wedgie of a trailer grabs you by the belt loops and screams, “Wake up & smell the jazz hands!”

The Six Characters trailer was edited together from eight World Tours at 164 venues, including Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, Mount Rushmore, The Copacabana, Igor's Gas 'n Sip Danemark, and Wimbledon (command performance for the Queen Mum.)

We tried to skim the creamiest moments from the road, and discard the chunks—most significantly our cold reception opening for Don Knotts on his spoken word tour in the summer of '89 (To those we disappointed, we say only this: We’re sorry your slack-jawed, bookstore-coffee-swilling, Aunt Bea-loving asses couldn’t appreciate our virtuosity! You may have assaulted us with bags of stale scones, but our wounds will heal and, with the aid plastic surgery, disappear. You will remain artless plebes 'till you DIE!!!).

But on the whole, our experiences were positive. We returned from the road 40 lbs heavier, 37% gayer, and ¾ less responsible for our actions (shout out to our 18 illegitimate children. We may not be there for you—ever—but we’ll always remember the nights of hard drinking that led to your conception! Be cool, stay in school!), and 200% readier to rock our audiences steadily and groovily.

Huge thanks to all the acts we opened for, including:

Elton John
Sean Connery as Medicine Man
The All-New Cher
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Carrot Top

And all those who opened for us:

Def Leppard

We appreciate your efforts at greatness, and accept your apologies.

Copyright © 2005 Six Characters.

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