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La Triste Fumeaux
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Six Characters have long admired the masters of French New Wave cinema. Nothing makes us happier than sitting down with a bowl of jello shots, three cans of mushroom soup, and our favorite Renoir, Truffaut, or Buñuel film. (For details on what we do with the soup, send us an e-mail.) Inspired by the work of these great, we decided we were going to pursue illustrious careers in French New Wave cinema ourselves, until we realized the movement had long since been relegated to academic classrooms and late night screenings in coffee houses. But we didn't let that deter us, oh no! For your viewing enjoyment, we prseent La Triste Fumeaux, Six Characters very own French New Wave film... With a giant thumbhead at the end. Like many others, this film was originally a part of our video opus, Six Characters: Too Cancelled for TV.

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