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The Middle Ages... or,
Medieval on Your Arse

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A little more about the video:

Originally intended as a snuff film, this rare footage of the Six Characters live was re-edited for the web, after all attempts to kill them on stage failed.

During the run of Working Title, director Suchan and video designer John were secretly making a series snuff films starring popular downtown theatre icons. They managed to execute the cast of Distortion Taco, the entire Upright Citizens Brigade, and all but one Blue Man in a summer-long crime spree that brought them notoriety, three parking tickets, and the top prize at Cannes.

At the final performance of Working Title, the two conspirators arranged for a taping of the Six’s most popular stage piece, Middle Ages. It was "for posterity" they said, counting on the Six’s shameless pursuit of fame to erase any suspicions of foul play. In reality, they anticipated an orgy of bloodshed, contagion, and Newtonian half-truths, played out in front of a horrified live audience.

But fate had other plans that night, and not a single one of the covert murder attempts was successful: the sword blows were deflected by chest bunions, the bubonic plague was thwarted by the anti-bacterial effects of pre-show tequila shots, and the poison was foiled by a lifetime immunity to iocane powder shared by all the Six Characters. Frustrated, Suchan and John shelved their career in snuff, and turned instead to training carrier pidgeons from a turret in Central Park’s Belvedere Castle, where they remain to this day.

After months of unreturned phone calls, the Six Characters invited guest editor Haley Joel Osment to edit the footage. He sculpted it into the opus of skewed historical mayhem you see here.

Kudos to you, Haley! Like other impish prodigies before you, you are on your way to a satisfying career in pyramid scheme-endorsement!

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