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Jim's No Good Very Bad Day
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A little more about the video:

Six Characters is proud to present its new original video piece, Jim’s No Good Very Bad Day.

The genesis of this video piece occurred in the mid-70s when the Six Characters (who, at the time, were called the Hot Buttered Love Biscuits) went on a “heroic journey” sabbatical with the late author-turned-guru-turned-dead-guy Terence McKenna. Dr. McKenna was expounding on his theories of mathematical unification when his head spontaneously turned into a Danish-speaking hamster. As Kym struggled to keep all the bugs off her skin, she had an idea that would turn the comedy world on its ear.

Twenty-five years later, Kym remembered that idea and flung herself out of the third story window of Charles Nelson Reilly High School, plummeting to her death. She was subsequently replaced with a biomechanical android (The BlondeBot 4000), but the remaining Characters still felt that an appropriate tribute was in order.

Phone calls were made and before they knew it, Six Characters had raised over forty million dollars and had signed some of Hollywood’s top talent.

“Everyone who was anyone was there,” recalls Alex. “Kathleen Turner, Michael Bolton, that girl who played Felicity, Scumtroll the talking armpit. It was amazing to be part of something so big… And so important… And so big.”

With a multi-million dollar budget and an all-star cast secured, Six Characters had nothing left to do but blow the entire budget on science experiments with Twinkies.

“Sure, we lost Bolton,” said Seth at the time. “But I’ll bet you didn’t know that Twinkies are an effective replacement for seat-cushion flotation devices on airplanes. If that’s what you call ‘ruining a great project’ then you can just call me Kevin Costner.”

With only $14 to their name (and an excess of 40,000 Twinkie wrappers), Six Characters decided to plow ahead with their labor of love, even though no one really remembered why they were doing it in the first place.

And the film you see before you is the result of their epic toil. Watch it with someone you love… Or at least someone you like… Unless you’re a Republican… In which case you probably don’t like anyone.

Copyright © 2005 Six Characters.

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